How To Make 5 Quick Weeknight Dinners Variations

Weeknight dinners can be a real challenge, especially when you’re short on time and energy. The good news is that there are plenty of easy and delicious dinner recipes that you can make in a hurry. Here are five quick weeknight dinners with easy variations, as shared by home cooks on Allrecipes.

  1. One-Pot Pasta

    One-pot pasta is a lifesaver on busy weeknights. Simply cook your pasta and vegetables (such as bell peppers, onions, and zucchini) in a pot with some olive oil, garlic, and your choice of broth or canned tomatoes. Add in some protein like chicken, shrimp or ground turkey, and you have a complete meal in one pot. One of the best part is, you can use any type of pasta you have on hand, whether it’s spaghetti, fettuccine, or penne.

  2. Tasty Tacos

    Tacos are a quick and easy weeknight dinner that everyone will love. Simply cook up some ground beef or chicken with taco seasoning, and serve it in warm tortillas with your favorite toppings, such as shredded cheese, lettuce, and salsa. For a vegetarian option, you can substitute the meat with black beans or sweet potatoes.

  3. Stir-Fry

    Stir-fry is another quick and easy weeknight dinner that’s perfect for using up any veggies you have on hand. Simply stir-fry some thinly sliced beef, chicken, pork or tofu with some garlic and ginger, and add in your choice of vegetables, such as bell peppers, carrots, and broccoli. Serve it over rice or noodles, and you have a complete meal in under 30 minutes.

  4. Slow Cooker Soups

    Soups are a great option for quick weeknight dinners, especially when you have a slow cooker. Simply add all of your ingredients to the slow cooker in the morning and let it cook all day. One of the best soups to make in the slow cooker is a hearty chicken and vegetable soup, which can be made with any combination of veggies and seasonings. You can also make a variety of soups like chili, lentil soup, and even a creamy tomato soup.

  5. Pesto Pasta

    Pesto pasta is a quick and easy weeknight dinner that requires minimal cooking. Simply cook some pasta and toss it with store-bought or homemade pesto, and add in some veggies or protein. You can also use different types of pasta like spaghetti, fettuccine, or penne and it will taste great.

These are just a few quick weeknight dinner ideas that you can make with easy variations. The best part about these recipes is that they are versatile, you can switch up the ingredients to suit your taste or what you have on hand, and you can make them in a hurry. With a little bit of planning and some simple ingredients, you can have a delicious and satisfying.

When it comes to cooking, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of taking a recipe and making it your own. Variations on a recipe allow you to customize it to your tastes and preferences, and to make the most of the ingredients you have on hand. Here are six variations on a recipe that you can try out in your own kitchen.

  1. Classic Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

    Spaghetti with meat sauce is a classic dish that can be made with a variety of meats, from ground beef and pork to turkey and chicken. To make the sauce, brown the meat in a pan with some garlic and onions, and then add in canned tomatoes and your choice of herbs and spices. For a twist, try adding in some red wine or a can of diced tomatoes with green chilies for a bit of heat.

  2. Vegetarian Spaghetti with Meatless Meatballs

    For a vegetarian version of this classic dish, try using meatless meatballs made with ingredients like lentils, quinoa, or mushrooms. These meatless meatballs can be found at most grocery stores or can be made at home by mixing together ingredients and shaping them into balls. Cook them in the sauce just as you would with traditional meatballs.

  3. Lemon Garlic Shrimp

    Lemon garlic shrimp is a simple and delicious dish that can be made with just a few ingredients. To make it, sauté shrimp with garlic and lemon juice, and then add in some butter and parsley for flavor. For a twist, try adding in some red pepper flakes for a bit of heat or some capers for a tangy flavor.

  4. Curry

    Curry is a dish that can be made with a variety of meats, vegetables, and spices. To make a basic curry, sauté some onions, garlic, and ginger in a pan, and then add in your choice of meat or vegetables. Next, add in some curry powder, coconut milk, and a can of diced tomatoes. For a twist, try adding in some pineapple for a sweet and tangy flavor or some chickpeas for a vegetarian version.

  5. Chili

    Chili is a classic comfort food that can be made with a variety of meats and beans. To make a basic chili, brown some ground beef or turkey in a pan, and then add in some diced onions, peppers, and garlic. Next, add in some canned tomatoes, chili powder, and your choice of beans. For a twist, try adding in some chocolate or coffee for a rich and complex flavor, or some diced sweet potatoes for a touch of sweetness.

  6. Casseroles

    Casseroles are a great way to


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